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Plan, Do, Check & Act

The objective of this process is the planning of the implementation and provision of the service management system.

The successful implementation of these plans requires clear management instructions and documented responsibilities for the review, approval, communication, implementation and updating of the plans.

All plans specific to a process must conform to the superordinate service management plan.


The objective of this process is to embed the service management targets and the service management plan.

Once the service management plan or process plans have been implemented the task then is to concentrate on the operation and continual optimization of the service management processes. We have seen in practice that the employees responsible for implementation need to be replaced by other suitable employees for the task of continuous operation.


The task here is to monitor and measure as well as review the attainment of the service management objectives and service management plan. In this context, reviews must be planned and carried out at regular intervals, at least annually.

The results of the review and testing are used as an input for the next step, “Act”, in the Deming cycle. The aim of this is to achieve an improvement in the service processes.


The management must firmly establish and communicate a basic principle that contains a clear definition of the roles and responsibilities (CSI owner) for improving service activities.

Any aspects that do not conform to the service management plans must be eliminated. A service improvement plan must be drawn up for dealing with all proposed service improvements.

Improvements to the individual processes can be managed by the respective process owner. More extensive improvements - such as for example rectifying non-conformities which extend throughout the company or improvements in more than one process - must be carried out within the framework of one or more projects.

Prior to the implementation of a service improvement plan the service quality and service level must be documented as a baseline. On the basis of this data a comparison with the actual improvements achieved should be carried out.

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