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The objective of the service catalogue management is to provide consistent information about all agreed services to all authorized persons. So the goal of service catalogue management is to ensure the creation and maintenance of the service catalogue and that all information is precise and up-to-date concerning status, interfaces and dependencies in order to provide the service.

While the service portfolio contains all future requirements of services, the service catalogue contains information about the currently available services. The process also registers the status of all operative services or services in the pipeline. The service catalogue is centrally available for the service management and can also be used e.g. for the business impact analysis in IT service continuity management planning.

Service Catalogue
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A service catalogue has two aspects:

  • The business service catalogue, which describes the details of a service especially the relationship with the business units and the business processes. The business service catalogue represents the customer view on the service catalogue.
  • The technical service catalogue which defines the relationships between the supported services, applications and technical components. The technical service catalogue underpins the business service catalogue, but is not part of the customer view.
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